This important new reference work provides detailed color photographs of 225+ instruments from 75 different makers spanning the 16th to 20th centuries. The selected instruments represent the finest and most representative examples of each maker that have passed through the Sotheby’s auction house.   Tim Ingles, Musical Instrument Consultant to Sotheby's, provides biographies of each individual maker, putting them in their historical context and pointing out their idiosyncrasies as makers.
The introduction by John Dilworth describes the evolution of violin making since 16th century and discusses the influences and heritages of the most important luthiers.
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Summary pages for each maker show the instruments included in the section, some with details, and provide biographical information about the maker
Click on page to enlarge first page Click on page to enlarge second page Detail pages of each instrument show close-ups of the body and scroll, and list the instrument's date, label text, and body length.

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  • 640 pages, heavy-stock paper
  • All photos digitally re-mastered from originals
  • Front & back shots of each instrument, plus scroll shots and enlarged detailed photos of selected instruments
  • Construction date, label text, and length of body listed for each instrument
  • Text about makers by Tim Ingles, introduction
    by John Dilworth
  • Bound in cloth with custom slip-case and shipped
    in a heavy-duty mailing box
  • Limited edition of 3,920


Andrea Amati
Antonio & Girolamo Amati
Nicoḷ Amati
Girolamo (II) Amati
Dom Nicolo Amati
Gregorio Antoniazzi
Tomaso Balestrieri
Anselmo Bellosio
Carlo Bergonzi
Giovanni Maria del Busetto
Bernardo Calcagni
Camillo Camilli
Gioffredo Cappa
Lorenzo & Tomasso Carcassi
Paolo Castello
G. F. Celoniati
G. B. Ceruti
Giuseppe Ceruti
Enrico Ceruti
Felix Mori Costa
Pietro Antonio dalla Costa
Giuseppe Dall’aglio
Tomaso Eberle
Francesco Emiliani
Annibale Fagnola



G. B. Gabbrielli
Alessandro Gagliano
Ferdinando Gagliano
Nicola Gagliano
Gennaro Gagliano
Giuseppe Gagliano
Giuseppe & Antonio Gagliano
Giovanni Gagliano
Francesco Gobetti
Matteo Goffriller
Antonio Gragnani
Giovanni Grancino
Giovanni & Francesco Grancino
G. B. Guadagnini
Giuseppe Guadagnini
Andrea Guarneri
Pietro (of Mantua) Guarneri
Giuseppe (filius Andrea) Guarneri
Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesù
Pietro (of Venice) Guarneri
Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi
Pietro Antonio Landolfi
Nicolas Lupot
Giovanni Paolo Maggini



Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza
Domenico Montagnana
Vincenzo Panormo
G. F. Pressenda
Giuseppe Rocca
Enrico Rocca
Giovanni Battista Rogeri
Giovanni Rota
Francesco Ruggieri
Stefano Scarampella
Santo Serafin
Giorgio Serafin
Spirito Sorsana
Jacob Stainer
Antonio Stradivari
Omobono Stradivari
David Tecchler
Carlo Giuseppe Testore
Carlo Antonio Testore
Giovanni Tononi
Carlo Tononi
Lorenzo Ventapane
J. B. Vuillaume
Antonio Zanotti